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Firstly, you’re kindly invited to consult our certified doctor. Next, if you’re found eligible for treatment, we agree on the date. We are not able to provide you with the date of the treatment without prior doctoral consultation.

Available consultation dates

(condition as of 08.07.2020)

dr Marek Szczyt plastic surgery April 2022
dr Krzysztof Potocki plastic surgery August 2020
dr Maciej Kulicki plastic surgery July 2020
dr Konrad Januszek plastic surgery July 2020
dr Grażyna Nasińska-Jurek plastic surgery July 2020
dr Michał Charytonowicz plastic surgery December 2020
dr Zofia Bochen plastic surgery July 2020
dr Daria Charytonowicz plastic surgery July 2020
dr n. med. Christoffer Ingves plastic surgery July 2020
dr Magdalena Eberhardt plastic and general surgery July 2020
dr Rafał Kuźlik cosmetic gynaecology July 2020
dr Emil Jędrzejewski vascular surgery July 2020
dr Marek Najdecki vascular surgery July 2020
dr Karolina Donocik general, oncological surgery September 2020
dr Jacek Szwedo physiotherapy July 2020
mgr Maciej Waś physiotherapy July 2020
dr Beata Kosiorek-Nalewajek dermatology, trichology September 2020
dr Kamila Padlewska dermatology, aesthetic medicine September 2020
dr Aleksandra Rymsza aesthetic medicine July 2020
dr Agnieszka Nalewczyńska aesthetic medicine, cosmetic gynaecology July 2020
dr Jakub Miszczyk hair transplants, aesthetic medicine July 2020
dr Antonina Lisowska radiology, ultrasound July 2020
Agata Wenta cosmetology July 2020
Magda Suchan cosmetology July 2020
Elzbieta Zganiacz cosmetology July 2020
dr Karolina Gajda dietician July 2020

Questions and answers

To make an appointment please call our reception desk under 226549060 or 226541298, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM till 8 PM.

We do not make appointments via e-mail.

Yes. Reminder text messages are sent a week before your appointment. To cancel the appointment please answer „NO” to the indicated telephone number or contact the reception desk under 226549060 or 226541298.

Waiting time depends on your doctor – surgeon. On average it takes 3 to 13 months. Waiting time can change.

You can pay by cash, credit card or wire transfer. Payment must be made on the treatment date at the latest. If you’re making a payment by wire transfer, please provide us with transfer confirmation. It is not possible to pay in instalments.

You won’t need them at the appointment, unless you are suffering from chronic conditions. In that case please bring your medical records. Your doctor will provide you with a list of necessary lab tests (usually these include: blood group, blood work, clotting, electrolytes, glucose, creatinine, ECG, general urine test).

When undergoing any aesthetic medicine procedure, you need to be in good health, as confirmed by lab test results. Lab tests should be made several weeks before the surgery, although the results will be valid for three months. During that time, you also have to make appointments possibly recommended by your surgeon. Sometimes it is indicated to take particular care of your skin condition, which can be helped by means of beauty salon treatments. Two weeks before the surgery you need to stop smoking cigarettes and you cannot take any drugs that contain acetylsalicylic acid such as Aspirin or Polopiryna which impair coagulation. On the day before the surgery you should take a bath, and any emotions that may appear on this day can be best managed by means of light sedatives, preferably herbal. You cannot drink or eat 6 hours before the surgery, you can only take drugs for chronic conditions with a small amount of water. You cannot have menstrual bleeding on the surgery date. Please report for the treatment with no make-up and make sure to bring your lab test results. It is advisable to wear loose clothes to cover up the dressings. It is ok to have painted nails. Nail tips and braces are fine too.

Patients should come to the Plastic Surgery Centre in the morning, i.e. 8 AM. The sequence of procedures and approximate starting time are determined by the surgeon and anaesthesiologist after all patients have been examined. There are several surgeries taking place per day, usually 3-5. All patients sign their consent to have the procedure and are admitted to the ward where they stay in single-bed or double-bed rooms. This is where their pictures are taken and sedatives administered as preparation for anaesthesia.

Patients spent the first two hours after the surgery at the recovery room in the OP block, and then they are moved to their ward room. For procedures performed with local anaesthesia patients can be released just after the surgery. For procedures performed under general or iv anaesthesia patients stay with us until the next day 9 AM under continuous care of their anaesthesiologist and nurses.

Lab test results, cash or wire transfer confirmation, as well as a toothbrush and toiletries. The rest is provided by us.

That depends on the kind of the surgery and the intensity of exercises. Most often there are no limitations in this regard after three months, although there are procedures, such as otoplasty, eyelid surgery or liposuction where there are no contraindications already after a month.

Usually you can start sunbathing three months after the surgery, although it is best to cover up your scars for at least six months to avoid discolorations.

After suture removal it is indicated to oil the scars and massage them with oily cream or ointment (such as Linomag, Alantan or Vaseline). After two weeks you can start using silicone gel or patches (Veraderm, Dermatix or other), and in specific cases of hypertrophic scars you can use Contractubex, Tointex or Cepan for several months.

Yes, visiting hours last till 10 PM.

Yes, patients admitted to our ward have a free Internet access.

Yes, there is a Wilanow Hotel in the neighbourhood, as well as several pensions with convenient rooms. The patients book the rooms themselves. Informations about Hotel

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