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Natural rejuvenation

Wrinkles are a natural condition at a certain age, which does not mean that you have to accept them. Nowadays you can get rid of them in equally natural way, using a substance found in every living organism, invaluable in terms of skin condition – hyaluronic acid.

Its main function in the body is to bind water. One molecule of the acid can stop up to 250 molecules of water, so that the skin is properly hydrated, firm and elastic. However, with age the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases, which contributes to skin dehydration and wrinkles. Thanks to aesthetic medicine we can compensate for these deficiencies.

Hyaluronic acid preparations are applied to deeper layers of the skin as a natural filler. They can be used to augment lips, reduce wrinkles, fill hallow lines on the face, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth, hallow wrinkle on the chin, sagging cheeks and sunken temples. It is also perfectly suitable to lift the ear lobe, eliminate the lion’s wrinkle, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and other similar procedures.

Hyaluronic acid is well tolerated by the body, and the results of treatments are immediate. After 10 to 12 months, the preparation is decomposed by enzymes present in the body, thus to maintain the effect procedures should be repeated.

Useful information

Procedure duration ca. 30-60 minutes
Required lab test --------
Type of anaesthesia local
Length of stay same-day discharge
Convalescence 1-2 days
Suture removal --------
Dressing change --------
Contraindications pregnancy and breastfeeding, active infection, active herpes, purulent lesions on the skin subject to treatment, cancer and autoimmune diseases during treatment, taking anticoagulants – blood thinners

Hyaluronic Acid before and after

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