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Lifting without a scalpel

Pellevé ™ is one of the most modern non-surgical techniques to help your skin keep its youthful appearance. You can apply it to any visible signs of ageing (such as wrinkles or sagging of the skin) or prophylactically to look young longer. The procedure is painless and non-invasive, does not require convalescence, and most excitingly, over time its effect intensifies instead of weakening.

Pelleve ™ is a patented American system based on the use of radiofrequency energy (RF). This advanced technology works in two phases. Cool-Gel cools the surface of the skin, while the energy of the radio waves gently warms and modifies soft tissue beneath the skin. This causes shrinking and tensioning of collagen fibres.

The procedure is short, safe and painless, and non-invasive. That is why you can go back to your daily routine immediately afterwards. Local, slight redness is usually present for less than an hour, and never more than a day. The full effect of clear skin rejuvenation (improvement of tension, elasticity, smoothing of wrinkles) manifests itself gradually over several consecutive months and lasts from 1 to 2 years. Unlike lasers, which are not recommended in the summer, you can do a Pellevé™ treatment all year round.



sagging chin

nasolabial folds

wrinkles around lips

wrinkles or folds between eye brows

excess skin on the upper eyelid

“crow’s feet”

tired, sad face

Useful information

Procedure duration ca. 120 minutes
Required lab test --------
Type of anaesthesia --------
Length of stay same-day discharge
Convalescence --------
Suture removal --------
Dressing change --------
Contraindications skin disorders, acute thyroid diseases, hyperthyroidism, neuralgia, anetoderma, peripheral circulation disorders, phlebitis, cancers, menstruation, pregnancy, cataract, sensory disorders, psychosis, maniacal depression, TAO, presence of metal bodies, electronic implants (pacemaker), tuberculosis, peptic ulcer

Pellevé - Price

Treatment: Price from: Price to:
1 Pellevé - face treatments 600 PLN 2 000 PLN
2 Pellevé - neck 800 PLN 1 000 PLN
3 Pellevé - decolletage 1 000 PLN 2 000 PLN
4 Pellevé - arms 2 000 PLN 2 500 PLN
5 Pellevé - belly 2 000 PLN 2 500 PLN
6 Pellevé - buttocks 2 000 PLN 2 500 PLN
7 Pellevé - thighs 2 000 PLN 2 500 PLN

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