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Spectacular skin rejuvenation with no scalpel

Ultraformer 3 is used to lift the skin. The procedures are non-invasive and their outcomes are visible already after the first session. For exceptionally long-lasting lifting effects!

The device uses hifu technology (high intensity focused ultrasound). It is a focused ultrasound wave that heats up tissues, such as skin or fat. Controlled heating of tissues in the skin causes micro-lesions, which activates the production of new collagen in the skin and thus leads to visible skin rejuvenation.

The procedure consists in repeated application of an ultrasonic transducer in the problematic area. A 2-second impulse warms up the tissues at three different depths up to 600Celsius.


Indications for Ultraformer3:

  • loss of skin firmness on the face and body
  • abdomen after pregnancy
  • saggy breasts
  • double chin
  • excess body fat


Advantages of Ultraformer3:

  • results are visible after the first session
  • no downtime
  • an all-year-round procedure
  • procedure can be done on the whole body and face
  • long-lasting treatment results
  • moderate pain during procedure 


What does the skin look like just after Ultraformer3 procedure?

Small erythema is visible in the face area after the treatment. Small bruises, as well as swelling lasting up to 12 hours after the treatment may appear in the area of individual body parts. There is no downtime after the procedure and the patients may resume their regular daily activities.

The procedure does not require any anaesthesia, however very sensitive patients can be offered intravenous anaesthesia, provided there are no contraindications.

Ultraformer 3 is a non-invasive procedure which does not disrupt skin continuity. Burns in the form of lines or thickenings, usually tend to disappear after several weeks and are extremely rare.

Maximum treatment effects occur after three months and last even two to three years. The outcomes of a well performed procedure are visible even for three to four years. In most patients one session is sufficient. For more spectacular effects, the second session can be performed after a minimum of three months from the first one.


Contraindications: skin inflammation/lesions or herpes in the treated area, pregnancy, cancer.

Useful information

Treatment duration ca 30 - 120 minutes
Required tests --------
Type of anesthesia --------
Lenght of stay leaving immediately after the procedure
Convalescence ---------
Contraindications skin inflammation/lesions or herpes in the treated area, pregnancy, cancer

Ultraformer - Price

Treatment: Price from: Price to:
1 Lower eyelids 1 500 PLN
2 Whole waist 17 000 PLN
3 Inner thighs, full length 9 500 PLN
4 Neckline and upper breast area 6 000 PLN
5 Neck 3 500 PLN
6 Arms 7 000 PLN
7 Breasts 7 000 PLN
8 Outer pectoral muscle 3 000 PLN

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