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Breast augmentation with adipose tissue is an increasingly popular method of breast enlargement. It consists in harvesting adipose tissue from areas where it is abundant by means of liposuction. Next, the prepared fat tissue is grafted into the breasts. This enables increasing the volume and improving the shape of breasts.

The surgical procedure of breast lipomodelling has been subject to a multicentre evaluation in recent years, which proved it completely safe from the oncological point of view.

Lipomodelling is a method which enlarges breasts without the use of silicone implants.

The procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia. First, liposuction is carried out in order to harvest the required amount of adipose tissue, which is subsequently prepared. Next, the plastic surgeon grafts the tissue in specific areas of the breast, in order to obtain the desired shape, volume and ensure the maximum percentage of graft take.

In the first days after the procedure, breasts are a little swollen. We recommend the use of a special bra in order to minimise pain. Small, several millimetre-long incisions necessary to harvest the fat tissue heal within a few days.

Depending on the desired breast volume, the procedure should be repeated. The obtained effect is long-lasting and the grafted adipose tissue integrates with the breast tissue.

Useful information

Procedure duration ca. 120 minutes
Required lab tests blood group, complete blood count, ESR , clotting screen (APTT and INR), creatinine, glucose level, electrolytes (Na, K), urine test, hepatitis B vaccine, ECG, breast ultrasound
Type of anaesthesia general
Length of stay 24 hours
Convalescence ca. 14 days
Suture removal day 8
Dressing change upon suture removal
Contraindications bleeding diathesis, coagulation disorders, unregulated high blood pressure, unregulated diabetes, purulent infection of the skin and mucous membranes, pregnancy

Breast augmentation with adipose tissue - Price

Treatment: Price from: Price to:
1 Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement 12 000 PLN 14 000 PLN

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