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Large breasts are not always flattering. If it is too large, it may distort body proportions and cause discomfort in every-day activities, for example while practicing sports or choosing clothes. Large, heavy breasts may also cause postural defects. This is why reduction surgery is often carried out due to health indications, to improve not only the patient’s appearance but also her quality of life.

Our most common technique of breast reduction is Lejour, which does not leave a long scar in the inframammary fold. Breast reduction consists in partial removal of skin and mammary gland. The remaining part is modelled so that it becomes firmer and is situated higher.

Immediately after the surgery, the patient receives a special bra, which aims at shaping the final appearance of the breasts. It should be worn 24/7 for one month. It can be first removed in the clinic to remove stitches, 8-10 days after the procedure. Following that, it can be removed at home for baths or to be washed. Also, between the first and third day after the procedure, the patient needs to visit the clinic for drain removal.

In the first days after the procedure, breasts are a little swollen, harder and unnaturally protruding. With time, however, they become natural in appearance, touch and feel. The final outcome is visible after approximately 3 months.

Useful information

Procedure duration ca. 180 minutes
Required lab tests blood group, complete blood count, ESR , clotting screen (APTT and INR), creatinine, glucose level, electrolytes (Na, K), urine test, hepatitis B vaccine, ECG, breast ultrasound
Type of anaesthesia general
Length of stay 24 hours
Convalescence ca. 14 days
Drain removal day 1-3
Suture removal day 8-10
Dressing change upon suture removal
Contraindications bleeding diathesis, coagulation disorders, unregulated high blood pressure, unregulated diabetes, purulent infection of the skin and mucous membranes, pregnancy

Breast reduction before and after

Breast reduction - Price

Treatment: Price from: Price to:
1 Breast reduction 18 000 PLN 22 000 PLN

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