Biostimulation laser

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Faster recovery from surgery

It is crucial for all surgical patients to have fast recovery and be back to their normal life. Therefore, it is important to support postoperative care with additional treatments to accelerate wound healing and relieve pain. Such outcomes are obtained with a low-level laser therapy known as biostimulation using laser energy and tissue interaction with no damage caused to the tissue.

Medical stimulation uses visible spectrum and infrared radiation. As a result of the laser irradiation, light penetrating through the depth of the tissue helps increase cell nourishment and regeneration, reducing inflammation and effusion. Irradiation produced by the biostimulation laser has been shown to relieve pain, prevent inflammation and improve microcirculation.

Useful information

Procedure duration 5-20 minutes
Required blood tests -------
Type of anaesthesia -------
Length of stay immediate discharge
Convalescence -------
Suture removal -------
Dressing change -------
Contraindications pregnancy, menstruation, pacemaker, bacterial diseases, fever, epilepsy, allergy to light, cancer, hyperthyroidism, diabetes

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