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The healing benefits of lymphatic drainage

If you suffer from circulatory system problems, often feel that your legs are swollen and heavy, lymphatic drainage may just be the perfect solution for you. Not only because it will bring relief but it also has therapeutic action restoring the correct function of the lymphatic and venous systems.

In our clinic, lymphatic drainage procedures are carried out with a modern and effective device called Lymphastim, which uses the principle of sequential pressure massage. This system is successfully used in rehabilitation, medical practice and cosmetic procedures.

Special applicators with overlapping chambers ensure gentle massage which eliminates chronic oedema, venous incompetence or lower limb ischemia and prevents varicose veins. It also perfectly supplements post-operative care, and most importantly, helps patients resume their normal lifestyle.

The biggest advantages of Lympastim system are immediate effects of the massage and friendly form of therapy, it does not require pharmacological support.

Useful information

Procedure duration ca. 30-60 minutes
Required lab tests -------
Type of anaesthesia -------
Length of stay immediate discharge
Convalescence -------
Suture removal -------
Dressing change -------
Contraindications acute neuropathy and plexopathy, acute pulmonary oedema, acute trauma to soft tissues, acute vein thrombosis, conditions causing cardiovascular decompensation, epilepsy, rubella, fever, glaucoma, liver or kidney failure, infectious diseases, diagnosed or suspected deep vein thrombosis, lymphangitis, processes causing obstruction in the areas affected by the lymphatic drainage, osteosynthesis or joint implant in the area affected by the lymphatic drainage, pacemaker, unclear pain in the abdomen, pathological pregnancy, cancer

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