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Dr Marek Szczyt’s Plastic Surgery Centre is a modern clinic offering the services of highly professional staff that take care of our patients’ wellbeing and appearance using the most effective treatment methods and top-quality equipment. Vast know-how combined with longstanding experience and above-average sense of aesthetics are just a few qualities of a good specialist employed at our Centre.

Continuous development of operating techniques makes it possible for plastic and aesthetic surgery to offer quicker recovery time and spectacular outcomes. The success of our Plastic Surgery Centre is founded on our top professionals and well-informed patients. Our world class services are paired with shorter convalescence time and less risk of complications.

Patients who decided to do a procedure at Dr Szczyt’s Plastic Surgery Centre receive exhaustive information about their treatment options – from qualification for surgery, through the discussion of the expected outcomes and their likelihood, as well as possible complications, list of necessary tests, detailed course of surgery and the procedure in the postoperative period.

As one of the most technologically advanced facilities of this type in Poland it offers a tailormade approach to each patient. Thinking about safety and wellbeing of our patients the Centre was developed with the highest precision and attention to detail – comfortable rooms provide the quality that you need.

The procedures offered at Dr Szczyt’s Plastic Surgery Centre will give you the desired outcomes provided by perfectly trained medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures top safety standards.

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